Early 1980's Utrecht artist oil paints discovered in great condition

I recently won a set of Michael Harding oil paints (more on that later when they arrive... yup, I'm excited...). It's great timing since I've been preparing to stock up on oil paints. I had all of the oil colors I now need 30 years ago while studying with Acworth, NH painter Jerry Pfohl. He sadly passed away in 2010 at age 81. His renovated barn studio is incredible. Anyway... The tubes were packed for the move to Florida in '82. I switched to acrylic after a long break from painting and lately I've decided to return to oils. Surely those old oil tubes must have been lost or tossed or given away. The only thing I was sure of is they never entered the studio. What are the odds I'd find them 30 years later as I'm preparing to purchase new tubes? Well... right next to some jars of dry pigments (same vintage), in an old chest I walk past many times a week in the house, was this stack of paint tubes.

I wondered if the old oil paints were still suitable for serious work. The few I opened looked good except for the Titanium White had oozed out the cap. Thankfully Utrecht still mills their own paints in Brooklyn. A few questions sent off to the Utrecht experts gave me the answer I hoped for. Stay tuned for the Q&A about the tubes as it includes some interesting insight.

Now to work on getting the rest of the caps loose!!! -pw

Utrecht art supplies (link) founded in 1949
Michael Harding artist oil paints (link) handmade artists oil colours

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Paul Ware said...

Just an update on the stuck caps... Only the tall caps resisted opening. Those were the tubes showing oxidation around the tops on the exterior. A day soaking in turps helped loosen the oxidation and caps. All but the Viridian easily opened after soaking. Paint looks great!