High Key photography - a memory of summer

Glowing Sunflower

As our small spring veggie garden faded in the Florida summer heat, a row of tall light yellow sunflowers began to put on a show at the back of the garden. To add to the display we also planted Heavenly Blue morning glories along the wire rabbit fence to add foliage and flowers below the sunflowers. Just as the sunflowers began to bloom the morning glories hit their stride and grew fast, wrapping around the sunflower stems and blooms. So much for most of my sunflower photography plans. I could have trimmed the vines back but I was too curious to see what would happen. It wasn’t pretty but the cardinals enjoyed it... Next year I’ll keep the vines in check for a bit to enjoy the sunflowers longer. I did manage to get a few individual shots. Here’s one of a sunflower converted to black and white. It’s my favorite high key photo from this year’s shots.

The winter garden got it’s first taste of rain water yesterday after over a month of drought. Where did all of the weeds come from over night? I can't wait for some garden fresh broccoli!  -pw