Spring blooms in February

Our redbud trees and loropetalum shrubs are bursting with pink color. The wild plum trees near the studio are smothered with clouds of white blooms. Even our Japanese Magnolia, which is always late to bloom, is starting to put on a show. The azaleas, spirea, dogwoods, fringe trees and native thorny haw trees are still waiting to see if winter is over. Our last frost date is typically mid March. With this early warm weather persisting the pawpaw flowers might start blooming before April. The small scrubby pawpaw plants seem to appear out of nowhere with unusual droopy blooms. Quite similar to an upside down Japanese magnolia bloom. Of all of the native flowers I tend to, I'm drawn to photograph the pawpaws the most. Each year a different pawpaw near the studio puts on the best show. Most are creamy white, a couple have burgundy blooms. Every shot feels like I'm seeing them in a new way. Here are a couple magnolia blooms from yesterday.  -pw
Ant climbing Japanese magnolia to watch sunset (link)
Japanese magnolia from above (link)